Product Description


Model SFM-1 to SFM-120
The United Model SFM “Smart-1” is a computer inclusive, electromechanical, floor model test system designed to accommodate a variety of material testing including

  • ceramics,
  • plastics,
  • polymers,
  • metals
  • composites

The SFM models offer a choice of seven standard load frame capacities ranging from 1,000 lbs (4.45 KN) to 120,000 lbs (534KN). .

Standard Features For All United Mechanical Testing Machines

  • Twin ball screw drive w/solid-state servo and motor controls.
  • Crosshead guidance system ( maximum lateral motion 0.010″ over full crosshead travel.
  • Anti-backlash system.
  • “Emergency Stop” control via: rocker switch, computer or mechanical limit switches.
  • Interchangeable, electronic load cell weighing system.
  • Adjustable overload stop – (Defaults to load cell capacity).
  • Quick-disconnect load cell and fixture system.


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