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BT Technology Inc. is pleased to present to you the Grizzly and Grizzly Cub Paving Fabric Installation Machines from the Geotextile Apparatus Company. The design of these devices is the culmination of years of field use and testing. The final result of this development have produced the Grizzly and the Grizzly Cub

These machines are built and designed for ease in use and smooth virtually wrinkle-free installations. Proper installation the firsttime can save hours or days on every project.

The telescoping design of these machines allow paving fabric rolls from one (1) foot wide to nearly twenty (20) feet wide.

The chevron placement of the fabric brushes eliminate wrinkles by pushing the wrinkles off the edges of the fabric. These brushes adjust to the correct fabric width for each application.

The patented disk brake roll holder assemblies allow adjustment for differential roll end speeds. This configuration makes it possible for the device to put down virtually wrinkle-free fabric around curves.

A selection of standard and optional mounting configurations are available to suite your particular requirements.

With the Grizzley everyone wins. Contractors, Fabric Distributors, Project Owners, Design and Field Engineers all benefit with Grizzly’s proper paving fabric installation. Projects Perform to their maximum, lasting longer and costing less to the owner. The better the performance the more engineers will specify fabric, increasing fabric sales. Contractors like installing fabric better when it’s easy and less costly. Field engineers don’t have to fight to get fabric placed correctly. Design engineers don’t have to worry about the fabric’s performance. Everyone wins when a Grizzly is used.

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