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Manual Presses Model C
Carver Manual Hydraulic Laboratory Presses Benchtop presses (12 to 25 ton capacity)

Twelve ton, manual, two column hydraulic lab press. Heavy, rigid steel construction with daylight opening adjustable to 18 inches. With dual scale gauge to 24,000 pounds calibrated in metric tons and pounds force. Choose basic Model C for utility and add popular accessories for safety and versatility. No. 4386 has 6″x6″ heated steel platens, individual digital controllers for 150° to 650°F, steel guard with clear, impact resistant polycarbonate door. The smaller, lightweight Mini C is a twelve-ton, two-column hydraulic press similar to Model C. Occupies less bench space, is suitable for glove box applications and field work. No. 3850 includes 6″x6″ square platens and safety shield. Presses are available in heated in unheated models.

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Manual Presses, Model #4350 & #4455
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All Carver pellet presses are designed to compact homogeneous powder into a usable pellet sample. The pellet die is constructed of stainless steel for corrosion resistance, and the polished anvils are replaceable. In addition, a pellet ejector is included to aid in the removal of the finished pellet. The ergonomic design of the machine allows the operator to stand in front of the press and comfortably pump the handle to develop the compaction pressure. The oversize gauge allows the operator to accurately view the compaction force on the pellet. If a large number of pellet samples are produced, the AutoPellet automatic press may be the better choice.

Automated Presses
Auto Series brings power and control to Carver lab presses

Five automatic electrically powered presses have built-in hydraulic system with optional microprocessor contols for accurate programmable operation. Two-column and four column models and an automatic pelletizing press range in clamp force capacity from 15 to 30 tons. All have integral safety enclosures with a clear front door for operator safety and observation. Automatic two-column press with digitally controlled heated 6″x6″ platens and integral hydraulic system on a unitized base. Individual temperature controllers assure accurate platen temperature, optional microprocessor control system available. Integral safety enclosure with clear impact resistant polycarbonate door.


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