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Melt Flow Index Testers and Accessories

BT Technology Inc. has two melt flow index models available as well as a
variety of options to support them.

AD-S-BA-000 Melt Indexer (Method A)
AD-S-BA-500 Melt Indexer (Method A & B)

Both devices meet ASTM D1238 and D 3364

In our experience Method A is the most accepted procedure for most polymers
used in geosynthetics.

Test Weights For Melt Flow Testing
(* add 100g piston weight to equal ASTM weight requirement)

AC-C-AA-225 225g
AC-C-AA-900 900g
AC-C-AA-950 950g
AC-C-AA-110 1,100g
AC-C-AA-206 2,060g
AC-C-AA-370 3,700g
AC-C-AA-490 4,900g
AC-C-AA-990 9,900g
AC-C-AA-124 12,400g
AC-C-AA-199 19,900g
AC-C-AA-215 21,500g

“E” Melt “F”Melt and “P” Melt are most common
An additional charge should be added to purchase a set of replacement parts and
some consumable cleaning supplies.
AD-S-BA-000 Melt Indexer (Method A)

Indexer Base Features
-Base materials constructed of stainless steel and aluminum
-Heat Chamber alloy tool steel , vacuum hardened
-Stainless steel piston with removable hardened tool steel tip
-Stainless steel packing and clean out tool kit
-Stainless steel mica band heater with dual zone and non-asbestos insulation with
stainless steel shell around the heat chamber for operating ranges up to 425 C
-ASTM D 1238 Tungsten carbide die and go / no go gage
-Heavy duty power supply
-Digital read out of temperature to +/- 0.1 C
-Four wire 100 Ohm platinum RTD for sensing and controlling temperature
-Line cord with power filter, fuse and on-off switch

Indexer Electronic Package

-Thirty-two bit Micro Processor Temperature control (+ / – 0.1 C) and display
-Digital temperature input system
-Digital display w/membrane touch type panel for all program inputs
-Temperature are shown on instrument front
-System auto checks RTD for open shorts
-Over temperature alarm and cut off
-Five program memory

AD-S-BA-500 Melt Indexer (Method A & B)

This device has all the features of AD-S-BA-000 plus the following.

-Electronic eye for measuring Method B flag
-Flag set consisting of three flag tapes one @ 1-1/4″ one @ 2-1/4″ and one @ 1″
-Multiple flags can be run in Method B or multiple cuts taken with Method A
-Twenty program memory
-Can be fit with a pneumatic lift option for heavier weights

AD-C-BA-500 Pneumatic Test Weight Lift and Control System

PRICE LIST – 80101
LMI 4000
MODELS AD-S-D4001, AD-S-D4002, AD-S-D4003, AD-S-D4004
(ASTM D1238/D3364/ISO 1133)


1.00 Model AD-S-D4001 in accordance with the following specifications:
1.01 Instrument base material constructed of stainless steel and
1.02 Heat chamber alloy tool steel vacuum hardened.
1.03 Stainless steel piston with removable hardened tool steel tip.
1.04 Stainless steel packing and cleanout tools.
1.05 Stainless steel mica band heater dual zone and /non-asbestos
with stainless steel shell around heat chamber for operation up to 425*C.
1.06 ASTM D1238 tungsten carbide die and go/no-go gage.
1.07 Heavy duty power supply.
1.08 Digital readout of temperature to ±0.1 *C.
1.09 Four wire 100 OHM platinum RTD for sensing and controlling
1.10 Line cord with filter, fuse, and on-off switch.
1.11 Operating instructions.

2 2.00 LMI 4000 electronic package housed in base with the following:
2.01 Thirty two bit Micro-Processor temperature control (±0.1 *C.) and
display system.
2.02 Digital temperature input system.
2.03 Digital display w/membrane-type touch panel for all program inputs.
2.04 Temperature/flow rate are computed and shown on instrument front.
2.05 System automatically checks RTD for open or short.
2.06 Over-temperature alarm and cut off.
2.07 Memory battery back up for entire system.
2.08 Five Program Memory.
******* .
#AD-C-0051-49 225 g
#AD-C-0051-50 1,100 g For a listing of required weights
#AD-C-0051-51 2,060 g for various materials, see
# AD-C-0051-52 3,700 g Technical Bulletin #1001 or refer
to ASTM D1238
#AD-C-2054-24 4,900 g Test Method

MODEL AD-S-D4001: (Wired for 110 VAC, 60Hz)
MODEL AD-S-D4001 HV (Wired for 220 VAC, 50Hz)
The Model AD-S-D4001 is recommended where occasional melt index testing is required.

Training: One-day training at the factory is included with all our instruments. We discuss maintenance and operation of this equipment. Training is available at customer’s location for a nominal charge.

Warranty: Every instrument comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Prices valid 60 days from receipt of Formal Quotation. For purchase and/or delivery information, please contact Order Department. Minimum Order $50.00.


1 1.00 OPTION AD-C-D4056
Pneumatic Lift System for LMI 4000 KAYENESS Melt Indexers in accordance with the following specifications (Available only on Models AD-S-D4002,
1.01 Pneumatic cylinder capable of lifting 25,000 grams of weight.
1.02 Large air cylinder with weight support system and safety pin.
1.03 Manual raise/lower valve, with lock valve to lock weight and cylinder
in any location.
1.04 Aluminum mounting system, w/large mounting base plate.
1.05 Automatic Valve Lowering System with pneumatic valve and P.C.Board for automatic or manual lowering.

This system allows heavy weights to be lowered manually or automatically during testing. The pneumatic lift options permits flow rate ratio testing to be done automatically during Method B runs. For safety reasons, the Pneumatic Lift System is recommended for heavy weights (over 10 kg).

2 2.00 OPTION AD-C-D7057
Small weight insert including plastic tube for use with Pneumatic Lift
System AD-C-D7056, AD-C-D4056 and small weights (1100, 2060,
3700 gm).

3 3.00 OPTION AD-C-D4058
Pneumatic Mini-Lift system for KAYENESS LMI 4000 Melt Indexers for raising and lowering up to 3700 gm weight and piston rod assembly. (Weight must be manually placed on top of piston rod assembly.)

4 4.00 Additional weights for LMI 4000 Melt Indexers. (Remember piston weights 100g.)

AD-C-0051-49 225 G
AD-C-2054-22 900 G
AD-C-2054-23 950 G
AD-C-0051-50 1,100 G
AD-C-0051-51 2,060 G
AD-C-0051-52 3,700 G
AD-C-2054-24 4,900 G
AD-C-2054-25 9,900 G
AD-C-2054-26 12,400 G
AD-C-2054-28 19,900 G
AD-C-2054-29 21,500 G
AD-C-2054-27* 19,440 G
AD-C-2054-27S* 19,440G

* Adder weight for flow rate ratio; added to 2160 g for 21.6 kg.

For a listing of required weights for various materials, see KAYENESS Technical
Bulletin #1001

5 5.00 AD-C-D4057
Alloy barrel for testing PVC and other corrosive materials, installed in
place of standard
tool steel barrel and includes Hastelloy piston tip (P/N

6 6.00 AD-C-4050P
Mini Printer Option for use with Model AD-S-D4002 includes table top impact printer and cable, wall mount transformer 120 VAC, 60HZ

AD-C-7050P HANDI-PAK (4) rolls paper/(2) ribbon cartridges

7 7.00 AD-C-GP8000
KAYENESS Data Processing System – Pentium 266 MMX or better, 32 MB RAM, 1.44M 3 ½” floppy disk drive, 4 GB or larger Hard disk drive, CD ROM (2) serial, (1) parallel, (1) mouse ports, Super VGA color monitor, keyboard and mouse/windows 95 installed. .

The Data Processing System acts as an R&D or QC electronic database. This system is recommended for those customers who plan to use statistical process and quality control techniques extensively. The software package includes control charting with ranges and standard deviations.

KAYENESS Multiplexing Hardware for connecting up to eight Model AD-S-D4004 units to a single computer. Consists of: RS232 scanner with four channels and connecting cables. Also contains software program for controlling and scanning multiplexer, naming files, and temporarily storing date.(For use with Model AD-S-D4004 only.)
NOTE: Customer must provide dimentional drawing indicating location of melt indexers in relation to computer so that proper cables can be supplied.

The Multiplexing Option allows multiple LMI 4000 melt indexers to be connected to a single personal computer. It is used only in conjunction with the Model AD-S-D4004.

9 9.00 AD-C-D2044
Electronic eye calibrator for determining the exact dimension at which eye responds. Platform with: mounting system, dial micrometer, and fine thread adjustment with tape mounting adapter.

The calibrator is used to adjust the sensitivity of the electronic eye. We recommends this instrument for part of routine calibration of the melt indexer.

10 10.00 AD-C-D4059
Digital encoder for performing Method B testing per ASTM D1238 includes high resolution digital encoder to measure piston rod position and speed of descent, up to 15 measurements per barrel charge, permits melt index values in real-time, automatic or manual selection of flag length includes piston assembly (7051-72)
NOTE: Electronic eye not included when purchased with new instrument. Electronic eye is disabled when retrofitting to existing instrument.

10.01 AD-C-7051-59
Ditigal encoder calibrator for adjusting the sensitivity of digital encoder includes mounting system and dial micrometer.

11 11.00 AD-C-GP7984
Cannon Bubble Jet printer with connecting cable (paracable). A printer is required with the Models AD-S-D4003 and AD-S-D4004 to fully utilize the advanced electronics.

12 12.00 AD-C-0051-83
TEFLON PTFE-tipped high melt flow plug to retain high flow polymers in barrel during preheat.

For extremely high flow polymers (over 10 g/10 min), the High Melt Flow Plug is recommended. Without this plug, high flow polymers have a tendency to drain out of the barrel during the pre-heat cycle.

13 13.00 AD-C-7051-90
Digital Electronic Scale(.01 gm resolution),capacity: 0.01 x 120 gm, full digital calibration,overload protection,115VAC (other voltages available-consult factory)

A low cost, general purpose, compact balance used for weighing samples to determine melt flow number. Not recommended for fractional melt materials.


1 AD-C-0051-30 Piston assembly
2 AD-C-0051-41 Piston Tip
3 AD-C-0051-80 Fill Funnel
4 AD-C-0051-46 Orifice (Tungs Carbide)
5 AD-C-0051-46SS Orifice (Stainless Stl)
6 AD-C-0051-48 Bronze Brushes
7 AD-C-0051-53 Cut-Off Tool
8 AD-C-7051-31C Tapes with ¼” Flag
9 AD-C-7051-31E Tapes with 1″ Flag
10 AD-C-GP0300 Pyrex Beaker
11 AD-C-GP0310 S.S. Orifice Brushes
12 AD-C-GP1751P2 Platinum RTD

15 15.00 AD-C-D4000 K MI KIT PACKAGE
Includes above parts (excluding #5) at a 10% discount and contains all consumables and sufficient normal spare parts.
(*)Kit Package substituting Stainless Steel Orifice for Tungsten Carbide Orifice.

16 16.00 AD-C-8052-97K Barrel Bore Power Cleaning Kit
Includes rechargeable power drill, battery charger , carrying case and (1) special cleaning tool, 110 VAC. AD-C-8052-98S Bore Cleaning tip- spare set of (3 AD-C-8052-99S Bore Cleaning rod- spare set of (3)

17 17.00 AD-C-GRAN
Mini-Granulator, High Speed motor, 4″ x 3″ feed opening, (2) rotor , (1) stator carbon steel knives, 5.5 MM diameter hole interchangeable sieve, easy cleaning cast iron cutting chamber/feed hopper with safety interlock. Free standing angle base, 220 VAC, 50 HZ

AD-C-GRAN-03 Granulator spare parts kit includes (2) rotor, (1) stator carbon steel knives, mounting screws and shims
AD-C-GRAN-04 Sieve, 4MM diameter holes
AD-C-GRAN-05 Sieve, 5.5MM diameter holes
AD-C-GRAN-08 Sieve, 8MM diameter holes
AD-C-GRAN-01 Granulator stand, heavy duty steel construction
AD-C-GRAN-02 Granulator collection bin, for use w/AD-C-GRAN-01 stand

Prices Valid 60 days from receipt of Formal Quotation. Training: One-day training at our factory is included with all our instruments. We discuss maintenance and operation of this equipment. Training is available at customer’s location for a nominal charge.

Warranty:Every instrument comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
For purchase and/or delivery information, please contact Order Department.

Minimum order $50.00

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AD-S-D4001, AD-S-D4002, AD-S-D4003, AD-S-D4004


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