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ASTM D 5596 Carbon Black Dispersion

Hacker Sliding Microtome AH-C-AD-000
Highly accurate & efficiently designed simplistic laboratory tool. The microtome is used for preparing thin sections of tissue and materials. Material are held steady in an adjustable stage. An extremely sharp blade is passed over the material producing a shaving for microscopic evaluation. Preparation of geosynthetic materials in this manner allows the technicil to study the cross-section of material. (IE fusion/ extrusion welds resin inclusions, etc.). This type of tool is required for preparing samples for ASTM D 5596.

Disposable Blade Holder AH-C-AE-000
A rigid bar designed to hold razor sharp disposable blades. This precision assembly clamps securely to the micrtome. By using the disposable blades it is much easier to maintain uniform sharpness on the cutting edge.

Disposable Blades AH-C-AF-000
Ultra-sharp razor blades designed for cutting thin sections. The blades are used with a blade holder for proper material cutting.

“C” Profile Microtome Blade AH-C-AG-000
A rigid ultra sharp blade used with the microtome


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