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  • Industrial Scales and Platforms
  • Counting Scales
  • Medical Scales


  • Moisture analysis to 0.01%
  • 7 operating modes
  • High temperature version (250 degrees C)


AMB moisture balances provide a rapid and accurate method for moisture content and dry weight analysis of a wide range of products and materials. In research work, as well as in manufacturing and quality control applications it is essential to be able to determine moisture content simply and reliably. AMB infra-red moisture balances do precisely that, providing moisture content data as a percentage of initial mass or of the residual dry mass. The balances can also be set up to display percentage solid content. A suitable sample of the product is placed inside the drying chamber, test parameters are entered via the keypad and the analysis is started with a simple key press.

Two quartz halogen lamps provide constant, even drying of the sample at a temperature pre-selected by the operator. The advanced software closely monitors the temperature in the drying chamber and maintains it to within 1°C of the chosen setting.

As the analysis progresses the balance displays the current status, in accordance with the chosen parameters, keeping the operator updated on each stage of the process. The analysis will automatically terminate either when drying is complete and the dry weight is stable, or after a fixed time specified by the operator. The final analysis result is shown on the digital display.

At the end of the analysis all relevant data concerning initial mass, residual mass, test parameters and results can be printed out via an RS-232 interface. When the moisture balance is connected to a PC the data acquisition software allows the operator to produce a graph plotting results against time, providing valuable information on speed of drying and confirmation of dry weight stability. Results of individual tests can be stored in the computer memory for subsequent comparison.


Model Capacity Readability (wgt) Readability (%)
AMB 50 50g 0.001g 0.01%
AMB 110 110g 0.001g 0.01%
AMB 310 310g 0.001g 0.01%

  • Temperature range: 50°C – 160°C in increments of 1°C (Optional high temperature version)
  • Verification interval settings: 2 – 59 secs in 1 second increments
  • Maximum analysis time: 10 hours
  • Weighing pan size: 100mm diameter
  • Overall dimensions: 175mm wide × 300mm deep × 190mm high
  • Gross weight: 5kg
  • Power requirements: 115v (230v option)
  • Heating elements: Dual quartz halogen tubes

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