Product Description


United Multi-Station Testing Systems

The UNITED MULTI-STATION test machines are computer inclusive testers capable of testing up to six samples simultaneously. Data from each sample are recorded in real time by United’s data acquisition, reduction and machine control system. The Multi-Station universal tester is recommended for high-volume repetitive testing of plastics, lapshear, film elastomers and thin metals. The 60° angled frame configuration allows easy sample loading. Systems are available with pneumatic gripping systems, clamping extensometry devices, strain gage load cells and sample measuring devices. Capacity: up to 5,000 lbs per station.

Standard Features For All United Mechanical Testing Machines

  • Twin ball screw drive w/solid-state servo and motor controls.
  • Crosshead guidance system ( maximum lateral motion 0.010″ over full crosshead travel.
  • Anti-backlash system.
  • “Emergency Stop” control via: rocker switch, computer or mechanical limit switches.
  • Interchangeable, electronic load cell weighing system.
  • Adjustable overload stop – (Defaults to load cell capacity).
  • Quick-disconnect load cell and fixture system.


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